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Extended Watchmen trailer

Watchmen film stripThat March 2009 release date of Watchmen can’t come fast enough and to make sure you count every single damn second, that bastard Zack Snyder put together an extended version of the original trailer for Spike’s Scream Awards. The peeps over at were kind enough to have a wobbly cam footage of it but have recently updated their page with a lovely high quality direct feed version. Enjoy.

Featuring a few extra scenes shuffled amongst the ones from the previous trailer, this new preview certainly helps cement my faith that the finished product will be a definite step up from previous translations of Alan Moore’s work to the big screen. Sure, the tank scene looks like it might have been sponsered by Airfix but the new footage featuring Rorschach is excellent. You actually get to see his mask close enough to notice it changing patterns, something I hoped they wouldn’t mess up. And they haven’t.

So roll on March 2009, as I for one can’t wait to be watching the Watchmen.


Watchmen trailer

Watchmen TrailerTwo posts in one day? Unheard of! But being a big, fat fanboy, I felt I had to at least mention the first trailer for Zack Snyder‘s take on Watchmen. Playing on the front of some film or other called ‘The Dark Knight‘ (presumably a sequel to Martin Lawrence’s ‘Black Knight‘), this is our first chance to see the comic book -> big screen adaptation in motion… if you haven’t been eagerly consuming the behind-the-scenes ‘webisodes’, I guess.

So how does it look? Well, I’ve very, very hopeful after seeing the trailer. Whenever something you’ve loved in another medium crosses over to film, you tend to get wary – and often, justifiably so. The people responsible talk a good game. They’ll harp on about sticking true to the source material and capturing it’s essence but then they just go off and produce their own bullshit take on the story, ignoring what you loved about the original, throwing out key elements due to budget, pacing or sheer-fucking-stupidity and drowning it in crowd-pleasing filler.

But it seems like we’re in for a treat this time round. The set shots have been true to Dave Gibbons‘ artwork, with the same muted colour scheme and design throughout. Dr. Manhattan looks the business and the scene from the trailer with three of him just captures the character’s expressions from the comic book perfectly. There’s even rumours abound that the comic book’s original ending might survive. For those in the know, that should be interesting.

So pop along to (a site you really ought to bookmark if you haven’t already) to check out the trailer.


Watchmen photos

Watchmen SkoardyOff-again, on-again (and off-again, delayed, re-written, dis-owned, etc.) comic book to silver screen project, ‘Watchmen‘ is making it hard not to get your hopes up by consistently moving forwards. Not happy with just teasing us with a test frame slipped into the trailer for ‘300‘, the suits (and by suits, I mean I clearly don’t know who is in charge of any specific part of the production apart from Zack Snyder) went and cast some actors. Now they have them prancing around in costumes and posing for publicity photos. The cheek of it!

Personally, I have to say I’m quite happy with the casting and costumes. I will admit Matthew Goode / Ozymandias looks a little odd in his photo – a touch weedy but I’m willing to put it down to bad lighting, camera position, make-up or a rather naff photoshop tweak job on the image until I get into the cinema and see the character in action. The rest of them are top notch (that Silk Spectre outfit is waaaay distracting) so fingers crossed that the suits don’t ruin this adaptation like they ruined Daredevil – a film only weirdos like (naming no names, they know who they are).