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Spirit for iPhone and iPod Touch

A few days ago a friend of mine, Marco Mazzoli, released his first iPhone/iPod Touch game called ‘Spirit‘.

It really is a great game, one which I thoroughly recommend and I’m not just saying that because Marco will find out where I live, and beat me to death with a sock full of batteries while I sleep if I don’t… is a friend but because it looks great, it’s very slick and the gameplay is incredibly more-ish.

Previously, you’d have to go along to the iTune Store page and stare vacantly at the screenshots presented there, trying to imagine what those lovely images would look like if only they moved… as if by magic! Well, not any more as Marco has put together a video of the gameplay and made it available on YouTube.

Now, in theory, I should be able to embed it on this post…


So, as you can see, an excellent game and definitely one you should rush off and purchase right now! Especially since it’s still available for the low, low price of  $0.99 / £0.59!


Quantum Of Solace – Proposed Theme Song

Suantum Of QuolaceI kept meaning to post a mention of this ages ago because it was funny, well done and I couldn’t get the damn thing out of my head once I’d heard it. And now, after have reported on the actual theme song that will be used in the upcoming James Bond film, Quantum Of Solace, I thought now would be a perfect time to exorcise this catchy little ditty once and for all (oh, who am I kidding).

The ‘official’ version? Not a fan. I’m a bit old school when it comes to Bond tunes. They need to be big, brassy and if possible, mention the name of the film at least every other sentence. I don’t care how difficult it is to crowbar that mother in there, you do it! This Alicia Keys and Jack White track (“Another Way To Die”) is just a bit too vacant and generic for my tastes and suggests less a big Bond event and more a Saturday afternoon chart run-down on the radio. Sure, it’ll go over great guns as a mere pop song but it’s not a Bond theme song.

Which brings us to Joe Cornish’s masterful offering. Joe, one half of the classic ‘Adam and Joe Show‘, a writer, presenter, director, radio personality, oh heck, he does everything and he’s a damn sight funnier than any one person deserves to be… has created what surely is the definitive Quantum Of Solace theme song. It’ll probably be what I’m humming to myself, fingers in ears, when I sit down to the opening credits of QoS.

You can find the vastly superior Joe Cornish submission (courtesy of Youtube), here. Enjoy.

Update : Oh booo! Seems like the video has been taken down. Still, if you want to at least hear the track, someone else has replaced the official song in the opening credit sequence with Joe’s version and you can find that here. Also, there’s a nice snippet from Adam & Joe’s radio show where they talk about the popularity (and some of the nutters that crawled out of the woodwork too), because of the Youtube video. That can be found here.

Update Update : While going through the site, replacing images I noticed that someone else had put another copy of Joe’s song on Youtube so I’ve fixed the original link in the article. Tsch, eh?


Another Persona 4 trailer

Persona 4 Box ArtHot on the heels of the announcement the other day dating the US release of Persona 4 (official site here), Atlus have put out another trailer, this time showing off some of the characters you’ll be scampering around dungeons with.

Of course. with the game being released in Japan yesterday (lucky sods *cough* sorry), I’m guessing this is one of those final marketing pushes just to keep the game in the public eye but I’m still happy to see new artwork and scenes from the game anyway. Even happier if we got a European confirmation for the game seeing our shores (or even, *gasp*, a date for it’s arrival) but you take what you can.

The characters seem to be matching the standard archetypes introduced with Persona 3 but I guess that’s to be expected and not really a bad thing. School setting, small town environments and what appears to be another holiday locale – great stuff, can’t wait.

The video is only a YouTube affair so fairly blocky but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, eh? You can find it here


Persona 4 US dated

Persona 4 TVJoystiq (and a few other places around the net) are reporting that the continuation of my current favourite JPRG series, Persona 4, should be hitting North American shores on the 9th December 2008. Of course, Japan will be getting their sweaty mitts on the title within mere days (10th July!) and no word of a European release as of yet (think sometime late 2009 knowing the delays we usually face in such matters).

Still, it’s nice to see some firm dates and signs of movement even if it isn’t for my local brethren specifically.

But that’s not all – along with the date there’s also news that “each copy of the game will come bundled with a soundtrack CD featuring “select music” from the title“. The music to Persona 3 really stood out for me, both fitting and strangely infectious. It’s rare I find myself humming music I hear in games but Persona 3 had just such a soundtrack. As Shoji Meguro will be returning to take up the music director reins, hearing Atlus are bunging in a ‘free’ soundtrack taster CD in with the package is great.

And still there’s more. The Joystiq snippet features a nice blurry YouTube English language promotional trailer just to get you wishing it was December already. You can find the article (and the English language trailer) in question here.


Persona 4 trailer

Persona 4 TVOne detail I left out of the post yesterday was that the DVD that came with the magazine contained a ‘trailer’ for Persona 4. It hadn’t made a break onto the interwebs at the time and there was no indication if or when it would. Anyhoo, it has.

‘Trailer’ might be the wrong word for it as weighing in at 17 minutes, it’s more like an presentation, or an introduction to the new world and characters of Persona 4. Summary? It’s definitely more of the same. With no way to read the text and a complete lack of understanding of the language, from what I saw it seems our protagonist moves to a rural town, makes new friends and gets drawn into some bizarre occurrences. And, of course, everyone discovers a previously unknown ability.

The long-nosed ‘mentor’ and his entourage is back, riding in what appears to be a limo. School life again seems central as does making social links and discovering back-stories to gain abilities. We see some trotting around a typical looking Persona dungeon, the cards make a re-appearance and so does the disturbing mask-wearing gloop. Of course, now I’m just depressed that it’ll probably be a year or more until I see an English language version of this game (best case scenario – worse case, they don’t bother). *sigh*

Anyway, if YouTube don’t get bullied into taking it down (magazines really don’t like their exclusives plastered all over the interwebs, strangely enough), you can find the ‘trailer’ here.