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Just Cause 3 wishlist

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 (by Avalanche Studios) is one of the games I’ve gotten the most enjoyment out of in a long time. Enjoyment, both in terms of length (it provides a huge environment full of goals tapping into my near OCD desire for completing games) and quality (creative and often spectacularly random acts of destruction is fun, ‘yo!’). It’s just dripping in explosions, cannon-fodder and vehicular mayhem, all taking place in a wonderfully realised and expansive island setting. I’ve high hopes for a sequel and decided I’d just like to jot down some notes on what I’d consider a few improvements on an already great game. They might be minor, they might be a little specific at times and they might be completely unnecessary in your book but what the hey. It’s a bit of a ramble so I’ve put it after the break. Click through to read the full waffle.

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