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Link to the Past

As warned about on my earlier post, here is a quick walk-through of my constructions on the old SMP Minecraft server I used to frequent. As well as the builds in the screenshots (Fish, Skull, Hot-Air Balloon), there’s the four beyond-the-Nether bases I built and also a quick look at the original Clipper Ship (schematic of the new/improved version can be downloaded from this forum post, btw).

I’m considering putting up schematics of the Fish, Skull and Hot-Air Balloon over the weekend. Check back then if you’re interested.

Update: Schematics of the Fish, Hot-Air Balloon and Skull are available to download. Check out this post for more details.



Another image from the multi-player Minecraft server. Rather than a 99% wool construction like my other builds, this one is mostly made from planks, as you’d expect. As such, it was a lot easier to source the materials for it; beating up poor defenceless trees rather than poor defenceless sheep. The sails needed wool, of course but they didn’t take long compared to the skull or the fish (and one other wool-centric build I still haven’t gotten round to getting a screenshot of).

Minecraft Ship

The ship is situated at one of many little bases I built far from the main village. In the time prior to new releases of Minecraft, I’d dig long tunnels in the Nether ready in the hopes that when I eventually emerged back into the ‘real-world’, the game would spawn lands that took advantage of any new features added to the game (like villages, mines and strongholds). It rarely happened, unfortunately, but I still marked each location with a new base and at a few, a bigger build. There’s an insanely pointless desert tower at one with water flowing from the roof and at another, a large empty castle.

This ship is grounded in a small inlet, accessed from beneath via a small network of caves. Maybe it’s not quite a huge as some of the Minecraft galleons I’ve seen people produce but it looks enough like a ship that I’m happy with how it turned out.