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Bleaurgh… IE

Pretty much just a follow-up to one of my earlier posts (‘Skoardy v3.0‘) where I unveiled/announced my revamp of the theme. I was pretty happy with the results as I’d almost managed to achieve everything I set out to with the new look and also added some elements I’d overlooked the first time I switched everything over to WordPress.

Of course, I have little-to-no faith in my skills with CSS, hence the comments about not coughing. It’s a rickety set of stairs, the outer shell of, and give it too much of a hammering and it’s likely to fall apart. But, it looked okay and everything was where it should be… or so I thought.

In comes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with it’s size 9 clod-hoppers and its own unique take on what things should look like. Normally, I use Firefox as my default browser. It’s small, fast and best of all, with the right add-ons, you’ll never need to see another advert again. It looked fine on that. I even tried the site with Google’s Chrome – the new kid of the block that’s also small/fast. Also, looked fine. And with IE? Yeah…um, well, it was borked on IE.

I don’t usually like booting IE up. These days it seems there’s always some kind of new exploit being reported and death from within for anyone foolish enough to take it for a spin on the intahwebs. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to have a look. Things were misplaced, oddly positioned and some bizarre gaps were appearing. One by one, I managed correct the flaws, writing in more specific code so that even IE couldn’t get creative with my instructions. Everything was fixed, except for some gaps in the sidebar. I know IE users take up the market share of web tourists (seriously guys, switch to a new browser already!) so I wanted to fix it but nothing I tried could get rid.

So every few days I’d get a new idea and try it out with the hope that it’d fix the problem without breaking the site for other browsers. Every time, same result. Nada.

Tonight, however, the new fix worked and everything fell into place. Better still, it’s something that other browsers appear to care little about. Of course, this is just with version 7 of IE. If it’s broken on older versions, screw you. Upgrade… or better still, switch to a new browser already!


Skoardy in the wild

OSD SkoardyOkay, so Googling (or Egosurfing) yourself is a pretty sad but commonplace activity in the modern world. We can’t help it. The desire for recognition and validation drives us to seek out any mention of our names and internet personae through popular search engines – often with disappointing results.

While I myself have made my mark on the internet, so have a few others who share my name. Good for them, I say. But I’d also like to point out that I do not, contrary to what Google might suggest, enjoy stripping naked and parading around British caravan sites, nor am I a Labour candidate or a Detective Inspector of a police drug unit. I don’t know whether the police man or the politician are the ones who get their jollies waving their bits in the fresh air but I can assure you it isn’t me!

One hit I’ve always meant to mention on my page was a sighting of my “Skoardy” Gameboy Colour homebrew title. Not only am I a (pretty average?) graphic artist, but I can also lay claim to being a decidedly sub-par programmer and ‘back-in-the-day’ I entered an amateur programming competition run by BUNG, an accessories supplier from Hong Kong. I think it was their way of trying to convince everyone that the products they sold weren’t simply the domain of the games pirates. Needless to say, Nintendo didn’t see it that way and they were shut down.

Anyhoo, “Skoardy” was my entry. It was a simple maze game based off of a title I’d created in my school days on the computer department’s BBC Micros. It kept my schoolmates amused but that was probably more to do with the only alternative being school work. So I updated it for the competition and didn’t win. I got a commendation (best thought of as 3rd place) but there was a shed load of entries so I was happy with my prizes.

Back to the self-Googling though. This sighting appears to be for a Gameboy Colour plugin that allows you to play Gameboy titles on an on-screen display for one of those PC Digital TV packages. I’ve seen stuff like this before where on top of providing you functionality to record/timeshift from your TV Tuner and access to scheduling reference, they also add extra features like on-screen Tetris and CD cataloguing. Looks like playing GBC games was this plugin’s aim and “Skoardy” was the title they grabbed for the screenshot. I’m so proud *sniff*

If your German isn’t up to scratch and for some bizarre reason you’re still interested in finding out what the page said, Google also do a good job of translating the site into English and here is that link.