SkoardyLike the old site before it, the new and improved Skoardy.com is dedicated to being an utterly worthless waste of time filled with the badly thought-out blitherings of one Darren Hebden. Like most blogs, it’s vanity press on a budget, an electronic soap box and a chance to accost strangers without needing to fully embrace the piss-stinking tramp lifestyle. Not to say I ain’t working on it.


It’s also the home of my personal mascot and alter-ego, Skoardy (…well, duh!).

If you feel inexplicable desire for more DH-related gubbins in your life, you can contact me by email (see the address over there on the right under the ‘contact me’ heading?), follow me on Twitter or even do the whole Google+ thing right here. You can even send me some feedback through the form below.

Don’t worry, I don’t bite – not without a nominal fee upfront first…