Five Cause meal

My Let’s Play Badly series for Just Cause 2 is still going great guns having accrued another four videos since my last post.

Destroying vehicles, and structures alike, nothing can stop Rico’s righteous rampage through the jungles of Panau – well, nothing except those pesky soldiers with their “Oh, look at me! I’m so clever! Nyah, nyah, nyah!” rocket launchers, all smug and stuff! They suck!


So, if you want to check out the latest installments, you can either have a neb at my YouTube channel (where you’ll find all my Let’s Play Badly series, for Just Cause 2, Borderlands and Minecraft) or you can simply click the link below to expand this post and view them all embedded, like.

The mission from the first video gave me no end of trouble. It’s a simple enough task – get on the nearby motorcycle, drive off a ramp propelling you off a cliff to fall hundreds of meters to a road below where you’ll hi-jack a fleeing limousine then speed down a winding mountain road while pursued by heavily armed soldiers in jeeps and on motorcycles, bust through roadblocks to eventually drop your passenger off (alive) with a rebel organisation. What could go wrong?

Well, like my previous failed play-throughs, you could launch your limousine off the mountainside road and destroy it. Or you could accidentally go off-road and try to climb a tree with it. Or you could get so lost that the soldiers have more than enough time to riddle your vehicle with bullets, turning it into a burning wreck. You could even get all the way to the bottom of the mountain, successfully navigate the villages down there, reach your destination and then NOT HAVE THE BLOODY GAME RECOGNISE YOU’VE COMPLETED THE SODDING MISSION!


This one is the final successful attempt but it still doesn’t go 100% to plan.

If you’re not a fan of heights, this next mission probably isn’t for you. Bolo has got a little video showing the torture and execution of political prisoners that she wants everyone to know about and to help her get her message across, we’ve agreed to scale the massive broadcast centre of the Panau News Network and do a bit of satellite dish alignment. Naturally… soldiers. After all the killing, the mission ends with a satisfying bit of grand scale destruction.

We’re taking a giant leap this time with a little trip to Panau’s own Cape Carnival (yes, that’s not a typo) rocket base. Sri Irawan of the Ular Boys wants to stop the launch of several satellites and it’s down to his favourite mercenary-for-hire to clamber to the top of the ready to launch rockets and take them out. With enough explosives, and a little help from the enemy itself, not a problem.

The trail of a dirty traitor leads us to the Panau International Airport on a mission for the Roaches. After a bit of a hiccup, it’s not long before we’re treating the traitor to some of our best piloting work.

For the last video of the update, we’re assisting the Ular Boys again to help stop the demolition of a sacred village. As per usual, it has an infestation of soldiers than need showing the error of their ways (with bullets, natch) while we lead a hacker to the shrine at the back so he can stop more troops from invading. Damn useful, those hackers.