Minecraft LPB

Minecraft SkoardyRecently, Minecraft updated to 1.3 (or 1.3.1, or 1.3.2 since then) and added a bunch of new features – trip wires, emerald ore, trading, editable books, new stairs and half slabs, cocoa cultivation and experience gained from mining and smelting. All in all, it was a fairly hefty update and a great time to start a Let’s Play Badly series using Minecraft.

I’d always intended to create one and thankfully, I’m still having a blast with the other series (Just Cause 2 and Borderlands). But unlike those other games, Minecraft is relatively free from structure – there’s no over-arching storyline to guide the player and no series of missions to dictate what and where you go next. Beyond making sure they survive the first night, the player is free to define their own journey as they go along.

As such, the aim of this series will be an exercise in setting myself goals, then trying to achieve them. Hopefully, without falling into lava, or getting molested by the many denizens of the night that inhabit the game.

So far, I’ve created three videos for the new series. They can be found on my YouTube channel or you can view them directly after the break by clicking the link below.

The first video finds us in the newly generated world, deep in a Jungle biome. After getting my bearings and the traditional act of punching a tree to death, I explore and lay claim to my very own dank, dark cave. The jungle ensures I’ll never want for wood. Unfortunately, I’ll never want for vines either.

In the next episode we’ve made the cave a little more hospitable, and I explain how completely goofed, unintentionally making quite a bit of progress off-screen thanks to forgetting to press record one time and on another occasion, having the screen size set incorrectly. Still, at least I’ve formulated a plan of action – to tame this wild frontier, or at least the immediate vicinity.

After working up a mighty appetite from clearing out the area in front of the cave, a new goal becomes clear! Feed me, Seymour! I’ve scrounged up some seeds from a little weeding work so it’s time to create our first wheat farm. Trenches to be dug and filled with water, soil to be tilled and seeds planted. Then the waiting… oh, the waiting!