Beatings in Borderlands

Borderlands ClaptrapSo Steam was doing the whole ‘pimping Borderlands 2 pre-order’ bit last weekend, by having the original Borderlands available free to play for the weekend (and at the knock-down price of a fiver for the DLC-filled GOTY edition if they managed to hook you). It kind of reminded me how much incredible fun Borderlands was to play and well, you know, that set me off and I went and created some Let’s Play Badly videos for it.

I’m not giving up on my Just Cause 2 series, I’m merely spreading my mindless violence and explosive mayhem even further.

So far, I have five videos done and have managed to die quite a few times – mostly by thinking I was ‘all that and a side of fries‘ while up against a couple of bosses. Turns out, I’m not even a soggy, cold chip, never mind ‘all that‘. If you’d like to have a look at these videos, you can either pop along to my YouTube channel or just click below for the extended post with all embedded fun and bonus wittterings.

In the first video, we’re just starting out and have been dropped off at a dead-end dust bowl known as FyreStone. A chipper robot barely has chance to greet us before the action starts.

The second video is all about meeting the locals. Running errands for some, putting bullets in others.

We get to tour beautiful Skag Gully and hang out with colourful character and one of Sledge’s henchmen, Nine-Toes in the third LPB video. By beautiful, I mean ‘could pass as a cesspit’ and by hang-out, I mean ‘fight to the death’ (first mine, then his). Such is the life of a Vault hunter.

T.K. Baha longs to be reunited with his missing leg and it falls upon us to retrieve it from the over-grown Skag, Scar who appears to be using it as a chew toy. Back to Skag Gully in the fourth LBP video.

There’s only one obstacle between me and careening round the wastelands like an idiot and that’s another of Sledge’s henchmen – Bone Head. He’ll soon meet his demise at my oh-so-experienced hands. (Not shown, all the times he slaps me around like a clumsy piñata).

As you can see, my journey through Borderlands is fraught with danger, explosions, death (mine) and ‘phat lewt’ (hopefully, soon to be mine). It’s a game I thoroughly recommend and one that’ll keep you occupied for hours on end… or at the very least, until Borderlands 2 shows up some time near the end of September. Enjoy!