No motion in motion

After the relative non-failure of uploading and featuring two of my Minecraft build videos on the site a couple of days ago, I thought I’d add my third. It’s of the Airship I built, the tour that never happens. More background info can be found in my screenshot post, here.

I’m getting a little more confident putting these things together. It’s a bit longer and it has more cheesy transitions – who knows what the future will hold?! Get ready for star-wipes and checker-boards, maybe! *groan*

This is actually the second version of this particular video. I did one the other day that was incredibly quiet for some reason. I hadn’t (intentionally) faffed around with any of my settings but somehow all the sound clips came off almost inaudible in the final edit. Well, a little tweaking here and a little amplification across the board and hopefully you can hear the narration now.

Hmm, on second thoughts, is that really a good thing?

Update: A schematic of the Airship is available to download. Check out this post for more details.