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Up, up and away…

Minecraft Balloon

Here’s a screenshot of a construction from the multi-player Minecraft server that I’ve been meaning to post for a while. Viewed from one of the towers of my house, it is my favourite build so far – I just like the ‘defy gravity’ aspect of it. And yes, I did plunge into the river below more than a few times while putting it together. My shift-key finger nearly seized up for this one but it still didn’t stop me from taking a dip, now and again. And again. And again…

As you can probably tell, it’s another wool-heavy build (over 1000+ pieces of wool, more than half of those red) with only the anchor, stairs and basket ballast not requiring a seemingly endless hunt for sheep (and red flowers). The balloon is actually four colours – red, yellow, blue and round the other side, purple and green so there was quite of bit of dye to prepare beforehand. It’s well-lit, both inside and out because, well, those Endermen are basically a bunch of bastards.

Just off to the left of the shot, you can make out the bridge I first built to connect my little area to the main town and next to it, the skull on a spike I made last Halloween. Off to the far right, along the edge of the shot, you can barely make out another in-progress construction I have yet to finish off. It’s a bit more free-form so my typical planning has gone right out the window and as a result, it’s taking longer than usual to complete. I hope to get it finished as I’m quite happy with how it looks so far. Quite imposing :)

Update: Schematics of the Fish, Hot-Air Balloon and Skull are available to download. Check out this post for more details.