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Happy Halloween in Minecraft

What better way to celebrate this special night when things go bump and boo and rattle, than from the home of free-roaming skeletons, zombies and spiders?

Minecraft Halloween SkullThis skull on a spike recently appeared (okay, okay, I built it) in the river just outside town.

It was quite a large construction all in all, needing the assistance of many sheep, consisting as it does of over 500 white wool, 80 black, 50 light grey and 40 red. The spike it’s impaled on is smooth stone, rather than blocks of iron – I’m not made of money, you know.

You can just about make out from behind the bridge my other constructions, the fish and my home mentioned in this post. Off to the right of the skull is a friend’s residence, guarded by his retro Mario. It’s an odd, mixed-up place. :)

So from the monster-infested lands of our Minecraft server, I wish everyone a thoroughly enjoyable Happy Halloween!

Update: Schematics of the Fish, Hot-Air Balloon and Skull are available to download. Check out this post for more details.