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I’ve just activated a plug-in on the site that adds those little share/like/+1 buttons to the bottom of the posts. Chances are all the people wandering through my site looking for PVC goat costume porn probably won’t use them all that much but if they help me spread my sickness …ahem, uh, message further, all the better.

If you’re not bothered about that kind of thing, just get your ignore on. I won’t hold it against you… unless you’re wearing a PVC goat costume, of course.


Skoardy in Minecraft

Minecraft SkoardyI’ve been messing around in Minecraft for almost exactly a year now and it really is great fun. Generated countless worlds and had pretty much all of them kick my ass in varying degrees. Swimming in lava, failing to swim in water, very brief flirtations with terminal velocities, punctured by the undead, bludgeoned by the undead, nudged off cliffs by passing sheep and of course, the ever faithful bowel-loosening ‘hug’ by over-friendly creepers. Yep, I’ve experienced almost ever death Minecraft has to offer over the past year.

These were all during single player games though. Minecraft also allows you to explore and build with friends, all together on one server and that too is also a real blast. Marvel at the structures others create and show off your own creative side. Or even your industrious side as you riddle the entire server with far too many tunnels, hoarding every resource available within the surrounding five square miles. There’s also many more opportunities to die but now through no fault of your own!

A slight issue on most multi-player servers is that everyone looks like ‘Steve‘. Thankfully, each player can replace their avatar’s texture with a new skin, either downloaded from the countless on offer from the interwebs or create their own using the existing template. As you might have guessed already from the image up there, I decided to go with a skin based on Skoardy. Hey, I never claimed to be very original!

So I have my own residence just off the beaten track – a rather modest abode not much more than a cap on the mineshaft that leads to a rather labyrinthine mass of tunnels, dead-ends and lava pools. I’ve built a bridge back to the town hub and a pleasant little dock, complete with boats for resource gathering expeditions. As a construction project, I’d been shearing huge quantities of wool (and dyeing sheep!) and that resulted a large lime-green fish appearing in the nearby river.

I’ll try to get some screenshots done, if… I’m not… um… too… busy… uh… building…