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LocoRoco Yari

Way back in the mists of time (okay, somewhere around 2008-ish), I worked on a port of the popular Sony PSP game LocoRoco with Marco Mazzoli. Yes, that Mr. Mazzoli of the excellent iPhone/iPod/iPad game, Spirit. That one I keep on mentioning. You did buy it, right?

The port was for the Sony Ericsson Yari – a phone with motion sensing tech, so fairly ideal for the gameplay that LocoRoco delivered. My task on the project was a general reduction of art assets, reworking the bitmap graphics for the phone’s smaller display and reducing polygons for all the levels and scenery. Marco did an excellent job in producing an accurate recreation of the PSP gameplay but the destination hardware wouldn’t have been able to cope with the original game assets so everything needed scaling back somewhat. The levels basically lost 50% of their polygon count.

Not possessing a Yari myself has made it a little difficult for me to see the finished game in action so I’ve always had to rely on the kindness of strangers. By ‘strangers’ I mean Marco and by ‘kindness’ I mean a link on Youtube of the gameplay, uploaded by a random Yari-owner (thank you, Aivlys2010). Enjoy!