Brewfest Pets

WolpertingerThe World of Warcraft world event, Brewfest started earlier this week and if you’re there for the pets or just the achievements, you’re probably already busy collecting Brewfest Prize Tokens. Good show! You’ll need them. This post is about the two vanity pets you can pick up from this event, in very short order – the Wolpertinger and the Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm. They’re so easy to get, you’ll probably be able to take them both home with you from just one day of the Brewfest event (in you’re looking for it, NPCs around the cities will point you in the right direction but it’s outside Ironforge for the Alliance and outside Orgrimmar for those heathens, the Horde).

One point of note if you’re keen to show off these two lovely pets – they’re only visible to others if they’re in an ‘alcoholically-enhanced’ state (completely smashed, that is) or they’re in your group. Well, this is Brewfest.

The Wolpertinger, the horned, razor-toothed, be-winged hare is available through a simple quest – Catch the Wild Wolpertinger! (Horde version), where you attempt to catch five Wolpertingers with the provided net. Of course, you need to be thoroughly blitzed to see them (or a big wuss wearing googles, that is). Hand in the stunned Wolpertingers and you receive a tankard for your troubles. Invisible pet ahoy!

Pint-Sized Pink PachydermThe second pet – the Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm is a little more involved to obtain as it requires you to collect 100 Brewfest Prize Tokens and purchase it from either Belbi Quikswitch (Alliance) or Blix Fixwidget (Horde). There are a number of ways to earn tokens. The one-off quests such as using the racing ram to collect three barrels gets you a handful, as does travelling Azeroth gunning down Pink Elekks or throwing steins at a ‘robot’. Once those are polished off, the dailies should help too (more racing ram fun around the city or stopping one of the the regular Dark Iron dwarf attacks). People often overlook the ‘non-quest’ ram-racing you can do back at the ram racing master. Ask him about doing more deliveries and he’ll give you another ram. Each delivery you make nets you another 2 tokens. If you make good use of the apple barrels, you’ll never need to let off top-speed and should earn a fair bundle of tokens from the task. Apparently, this ‘non-quest’ is on an eighteen hour cool-down so grab it every time you go back for your dailies.

Of the two, I think I prefer the Wolpertinger. As cute as the baby Elekk is, I’ve already got a Peanut from the Children’s Week event some I’m good on that front. Right, now to start saving up for the Brewfest outfit, get smashed and start dancing in Dalaran.