Dusting off

WordPressIt’s been quite a while since I last posted an update to the site so I thought I’d best raise my head above the parapet. Work has been a slog recently with nary a minute to think about doing much else, much less actually get round to doing it.

Today though, I found myself with some time to spare and of course thought of you guys – my imaginary visitors, going so long without word from your beloved… um, blogger? Anyway, here I am again and one of the first things I did was update the back-end from 2.91 to 3.01 of WordPress. The big selling point for the update (apart from the usual wodgy mountain of bug fixes, general enhancements and tidy-ups) is the new default theme, Twenty Ten.

Hmmm, instead of trying to explain what has changed, I should just take the lazy route and embed…

If you’ve got hosting that can handle a WordPress set-up (and most should, to be honest), you could do a lot worse than running a site with it. So versatile and easy to customise that even a chump like me can handle it. And if the thought of modifying a theme sends shivers down your spine, there are a multitude of free themes already created by an ever expanding community with one guaranteed to suit your mood.

Don’t have hosting? Sign up for a free blog on, and get waffling.