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Bleaurgh… IE

Pretty much just a follow-up to one of my earlier posts (‘Skoardy v3.0‘) where I unveiled/announced my revamp of the theme. I was pretty happy with the results as I’d almost managed to achieve everything I set out to with the new look and also added some elements I’d overlooked the first time I switched everything over to WordPress.

Of course, I have little-to-no faith in my skills with CSS, hence the comments about not coughing. It’s a rickety set of stairs, the outer shell of, and give it too much of a hammering and it’s likely to fall apart. But, it looked okay and everything was where it should be… or so I thought.

In comes Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with it’s size 9 clod-hoppers and its own unique take on what things should look like. Normally, I use Firefox as my default browser. It’s small, fast and best of all, with the right add-ons, you’ll never need to see another advert again. It looked fine on that. I even tried the site with Google’s Chrome – the new kid of the block that’s also small/fast. Also, looked fine. And with IE? Yeah…um, well, it was borked on IE.

I don’t usually like booting IE up. These days it seems there’s always some kind of new exploit being reported and death from within for anyone foolish enough to take it for a spin on the intahwebs. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to have a look. Things were misplaced, oddly positioned and some bizarre gaps were appearing. One by one, I managed correct the flaws, writing in more specific code so that even IE couldn’t get creative with my instructions. Everything was fixed, except for some gaps in the sidebar. I know IE users take up the market share of web tourists (seriously guys, switch to a new browser already!) so I wanted to fix it but nothing I tried could get rid.

So every few days I’d get a new idea and try it out with the hope that it’d fix the problem without breaking the site for other browsers. Every time, same result. Nada.

Tonight, however, the new fix worked and everything fell into place. Better still, it’s something that other browsers appear to care little about. Of course, this is just with version 7 of IE. If it’s broken on older versions, screw you. Upgrade… or better still, switch to a new browser already!


Meet Stinker!

StinkerYou probably already sussed from my first post talking about the new Achievements feature Blizzard added prior to the launch of the last expansion ‘Wrath Of The Lich King’, that I had my eye on the vanity pet collection achievements. Giving them their own tab and taking them out of your backpacks and bank slots, thereby ridding you of the space requirement certainly allowed even the most ardent pack-rat to enjoy the thrill of being followed around everywhere in game by a variety of pets.

So ever since that day, I’ve kept an eye out for new vanity pets. An auction purchase here, a quick quest or two there and a few trips to previously overlooked vendors, slowly adding to my collection until Sunday night when I hit the magic number – 50 and gained the achievement ‘Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart‘. Moments later, a letter from Breanni, the NPC pet-store owner in Dalaran, arrived commending me on my pet care and asking me to look after… Stinker, the vanity pet skunk.

So here I am with my collection of 51 vanity pets and of course I felt the urge to brag share the news of my accomplishment. It’s not such a tough feat all told – especially considering there are apparently over a hundred pets in game. But I’m still pleased. In fact, I thought I’d share with you my favourite ten pets… listed after the ‘jump’.

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One more Persona 4 review

Persona 4 crewOkay, so in my last post about Persona 4, I said I probably wouldn’t be making any further updates regarding how well the game was doing critically. After a while, there’s only so many different ways you can say “It’s a great game so buy it you fools!” but then along comes, one of my favourite sites (it’s in my sidebar links, didn’t you notice?) and did one of their video reviews.

I have to say, their reviews are pretty much the only kind I bother with these days for checking out new games. While most magazine & website reviews out there are reasonably passable, reviews are concise, give you the basics and don’t need to do a half-arsed job of describing the visuals, audio or gameplay mechanics – it’s all up there on the screen for you to see. In an age where some piss poor websites encourage their self-obsessed writers to disappear up their own backsides, where they spend most of the review trying out second rate comedy routines wrapped in third rate flowery prose, I find game reviews that actually focus on the game to be surprisingly refreshing.

The games gets a solid 9.3 out of 10 from Gametrailers, and with this one more than any of the reviews I’ve linked to before, if you don’t want anything spoiled, I’d probably avoid checking this one out. As lovely as viewing clips from the game is during the review, it does tend to reveal a few scenes & settings that you might want to discover yourself. You were warned.


The definition of optimism…

…is perhaps trying to sell ice-cream from your cheery little van on the street when the temperature outside is reading a mighty 0°C.

I really couldn’t believe it when I heard that instantly recognisable tinkly tune but yes, lo and behold, some enterprising ice-cream seller is hawking his wares in weather that could quite legitimately be called ‘a tad chilly‘. Just thinking about actually consuming ice-cream on a day like this sends a shiver to my core. Well, I assume he’s selling ice-cream. There were no customers so I never actually saw a transaction take place. Maybe he’s retrofitted the van and was actually flogging kebabs and other more suitably seasonal (and namely hot) consumables. Who knows.

But if not, I guess his actions also pass for a pretty good definition of stupidity as well.