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More Persona 4 previews and info

Persona 4 Box ArtSince a lot of people visiting the site seem to have just as much a desire for Persona 4 information as I have, I thought I’d post a quick round-up of a few things I’d spotted while wandering the intertubes wasteland.

The first item and probably the most important, personally, is a hint… rumour… vague indication that Persona 4 will be hitting European shores before too long. According to French gaming website ‘‘, the German classification organisation, USK (*deep breath* the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle) have rated Persona 4 (for ages 12 and over). It also mentions that it’ll be released in Europe by SquareEnix and that it should be expected early next year – though from the translated text of the article (original here), I’m not sure the entry actually says that. Oh well, fingers crossed whatever.

As, previously mentioned, the US gets Persona 4 in just over a week on the 9th of December and Japan is already enjoying the game. At least it’s nice to know that we haven’t been forgotten and plans are afoot to get the title in our grubby European mitts.

If you’re still jonesing for whatever Persona 4 information you can get, you might want to pop over to this Persona 4 Hands-On article from Gamespot posted earlier in the month. Obviously, avoid like the plague if you want to go into the game fresh and without having any of the gameplay elements spoiled for you but if you’re fine with a little preview (and let’s face it – we all know the gameplay isn’t going to be a million miles from Persona 3, anyway), then have at it.

The same can be said for this article from the Siliconera website covering the part that the protagonist’s home plays in the development of your social links and stats. It’s a bit more in-depth than the previously mentioned preview, focussing as it does on one specific area of the game so if you prefer to uncover details like that for yourself, you probably should stay away.

All in all, ‘early next year’ just can’t come quickly enough.