Persona 4 review

Persona 4 Box ArtWhile visiting the aggregate game review site – Game Rankings, I noticed there was an entry on the front page for Persona 4, signifying someone had reviewed it. Odd, given the site is US-centric, after all and as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it’s not coming out in America until the 9th of December. After checking the game’s page, it turns out it has been reviewed – not by one of the ‘big banner’ sites, but by RPGFan, who I assume are reviewing an imported Japanese release. All in all, they seemed very pleased with it, giving it a score of 94%. A good sign.

The point of this post isn’t to rah-rah the fact it got a good score (though I’m more than happy to see it) but to mention the review does contain a fair bit of information about the storyline and gameplay of the title. Since a lot of the hits I get are Persona 4 flavoured, I thought I’d point interested parties in the direction of the review (and at the same time apologise for the lack of Persona 4 ‘meat’ on the bones of my own particular pages – sorry if you wasted a ‘trip’). It makes for an interesting read and certainly gets me thinking about that yet unannounced European release. Come on, when are we getting it, guys?

Anyway, have a look if you’re a bit of a fanboy and tend to eat up anything Persona 4 related.

UPDATE : As some people are hitting my site through this article, apparently looking for Persona 4 reviews, I just wanted to point you towards two newer posts I’ve made that link to a series of reviews. They are…