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Sunwell Mailbox Watch 2008

Sunwell MailboxI guess, seeing as it’s the second most popular search bringing people to my awesome humble site (as mentioned before, the first happens to be George Hamilton), it behoves me to post an update to my previous article – Patch 2.4 – Fury of the Mailbox.

The server which houses the majority of my most impressive characters (read as : some of their stuff actually glows!) just today unlocked Phase 4 on the Isle of Quel’Danas and with it… the mighty mailbox! (pictured). So yes, there is a mailbox on Sunwell Isle / Isle of Quel’Danas but it doesn’t appear until your server has plowed through all the other quests and started Phase 4. Chances are, at the time of this posting, your server will either be very close or have already done it.

The mailbox can be found before the entrance to the large building (now an inn) at the northern end of the Isle, in the area referred to as Sun’s Reach Harbor.

I suppose I should also mention that only the other day I managed to check up on the long overdue ‘correction’ in Darnassus and can confirm there is now a mailbox back outside the inn there too. So all in all, great new if you have a mailbox fetish. Not that I do, I’m just providing a service here… for all you freaks enthusiasts.


New Hellboy II: The Golden Army trailer

Hellboy II: The Golden ArmyThe first Hellboy movie was a bit of a perfect storm thing for me. Always been a big fan of Mike Mignola‘s Hellboy comics, Ron Perlman was the perfect (only?) choice to star and Guillermo del Toro has been a favourite director of mine with films like Cronos and Blade II. Throw in a bit of John Hurt and Jeffrey Tambor and you can’t go wrong. The film didn’t disappoint and I’ve been eagerly awaiting a sequel ever since.

The new trailer really, really isn’t making that wait go any faster, I can tell you. The gang is back (joined by ex-pop imp, Luke Goss – who was also great in Blade II with Ron & Guillermo), and from the trailer, the action and the special effects have certainly been taken up a notch. The film is set to open (over here in the UK) at the end of August and I can’t wait.

It’s certainly going to be a good year for comic book heroes in the movies. The other big film I’m itching to see is Iron Man. The trailers have looked excellent and generally, Robert Downey Jr. can do no wrong for me. I’m actually looking forward to those two films a touch more than the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight. I thoroughly enjoyed the first film of the reboot but I dunno, this one just isn’t sparking for me as much. I think it lost a little shine when they were pimping out the Bat-bike (sorry, I mean ‘Bat Pod‘). Yeah, yeah, people perked up and took notice when you unveiled the new Batmobile but don’t make the vehicle ‘the thing’. Motorbike + Cape, not good.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t discovered the link to the trailer amidst the ‘link-arrhea’ of this post, you can get to it here. Enjoy!


No George Hamilton here!

No George Hamilton!One of the things I added to my site when the great WordPress 2.5 upgrade of March 2008 hit, was a stats plugin. It’s completely unnecessary given my daily hits on this site rarely pops it’s head above the double digits mark but I missed the referrers page from my old site. It was a delight to see all the people who’d accidentally discovered my ramblings thanks to some search engine taking their request for sexual fetishist material and mistakenly selective-picking keywords from my posts (usually from the streams of obscenities aimed squarely at the stupidity of email spammers) and suggesting my small corner of the interwebs.

In a round about way, it’s those very posts that brought about this one. You see, on my stat plugin’s list of ‘things people searched for’, above searches for “Roguelike News”, “Sims 3″ and “Persona 4″ was the entry – “George Hamilton“. I know why too. It’s all thanks to my old site and one of the posts I made on it about email spam. I was marvelling at the type of spam I was getting, which was basically a mix of mail pimpin’ fake gold watches and medical remedies for erectile dysfunction (see, this is how I get suggested for the wrong types of searches!). I mused that perhaps the spammers saw me as some sort of gaudy, aged lothario. A ‘George Hamilton‘ type, if you will.

Ever since that post, I used to get the George Hamilton traffic. And still do, apparently. I’ve nothing against the man. He’s a star in my book. His self-deprecating ability to parody the persona he’s developed is genius, if you ask me. And he carries off orange with a straight face. Very few can.

But no, I’m sorry visitor, if you came here looking for your George Hamilton fix (or remedies for erectile dysfunction, for that matter), I’m afraid you’ll find no joy (or George Hamilton), here.