WordPress 2.5

Wordpress 2.5A sucker for shiny new things, I’ve just finished upgrading my website backend from WordPress 2.3.3 to 2.5 and as far as I can tell, so far so good. Nothing seems to have exploded and nothing has dropped off. There’s not even a weird, unexplainable rattle or a handful of pieces left over that I’ve no idea what to do with.

In terms of changes, there’s really not much I’ll be taking advantage of straight off the bat. There’s a nice gallery feature but since I’ve not needed (or immediately foresee the need for) such a feature, that’s neither here nor there. I can fiddle with the tags, which is nice. I had some experimental tags I’d put in when I was first faffing with the site that needed binning and they’d annoyed me ever since. Bye-bye to those.

The dashboard is all change with an emphasis on simplifying things. That’ll take some getting use to but it all looks fairly straightforward and some things – like media management, look more fleshed out. The post editor is also supposed to be less ‘intrusive’ which is something I can relate to. I’ve had a little head vs. desk fun due to WordPress deciding what I’d typed into the HTML side would be best changed to something else completely. ‘Search’ now also checks pages rather than just posts. Not a big deal for me personally (I only have my ‘About’ page) but I can see it coming in handy down the line.

All told, there’s some nice tweaks and the fact that updating didn’t tear my hand-mangled theme a new one scores big from me. Right, when is the next update?