Watchmen photos

Watchmen SkoardyOff-again, on-again (and off-again, delayed, re-written, dis-owned, etc.) comic book to silver screen project, ‘Watchmen‘ is making it hard not to get your hopes up by consistently moving forwards. Not happy with just teasing us with a test frame slipped into the trailer for ‘300‘, the suits (and by suits, I mean I clearly don’t know who is in charge of any specific part of the production apart from Zack Snyder) went and cast some actors. Now they have them prancing around in costumes and posing for publicity photos. The cheek of it!

Personally, I have to say I’m quite happy with the casting and costumes. I will admit Matthew Goode / Ozymandias looks a little odd in his photo – a touch weedy but I’m willing to put it down to bad lighting, camera position, make-up or a rather naff photoshop tweak job on the image until I get into the cinema and see the character in action. The rest of them are top notch (that Silk Spectre outfit is waaaay distracting) so fingers crossed that the suits don’t ruin this adaptation like they ruined Daredevil – a film only weirdos like (naming no names, they know who they are).